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Hollie Belle lives with her daughter and husband in Sydney, Australia. She has spent most of her life living in a fog. Hollie has always known that she is different and unique. Since her awakening, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with everyone that is ready to hear it.

Her intention is to help others gain clarity about their own lives and help them find their true purpose in life. Hollie has spent the last forty years looking for the answers to life’s most important questions. Her quest now is to shed some light on these for others.

Best Sellers

your past is a gift

Your Past is a Gift

This empowering step-by-step guide helps you find the gift in every moment experienced in your life.

Covered in Yucky Mucky Mud

Covered in Yucky Mucky Mud

This book is a step-by-step guide to finding your way home. Let go of all the lies you have been holding onto.


These books are not for the faint-hearted. They have been created to help you change your life. So if you are ready and willing to take that step, let the miracle begin.






As long as you keep burying your past, ignoring it, or just pretending that it never existed, you will always feel stuck.

– Your past is a gift

your past is a gift

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your past is a gift