your past is a gift

By Hollie Belle

Your Past is a Gift


This empowering step-by-step guide helps you find the gift in every moment experienced in your life. By following the process, you will find the answers inside and finally set yourself free. 



I believe with all my heart that until we can make peace with our past and understand the blessing in every moment, we cannot move forward. At each point, we have made interpretations about others, about the world, about ourselves.

As children, we take in what adults tell us as true. To be awake to who you truly are is to understand that it was always their truth. What they believed about themselves and the world around them.

Understand that an adult who has a heart full of love, cannot harm another human being or living thing. Therefore, if an adult hurt you, physically or emotionally, it was just an expression of the pain they were carrying within them.

The pain of feeling unwanted, unloved, unworthy and not good enough. Their anger towards you was never about you and for some adults what they do is all they have ever known. It is up to each one of us to choose whether the cycle of abuse continues.

You are here reading this book because it is your time to be happy. It is your time to make peace with your past.


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So many self-help books teach you to bury your past and just focus on your future. The truth is that you can’t create the life of your dreams until you understand the gifts you have already received. As long as you keep burying your past, ignoring it or pretending that it never existed, you will always feel stuck.

When you can understand the value of each experience that you have had in your life, then and only then can your life take off.

Hollie Belle invites you to use this book as your journal, start the process today and fall in love with your life. 

You deserve to be happy!

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Your Past is a Gift
your past is a gift
your past is a gift
your past is a gift

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My life has been so simple and yet it is the perfect example of how our thoughts create our reality and how we can spend a whole lifetime missing the point of our existence.

Hollie Belle

This book is dedicated to you my dear friend with the intention that the knowledge contained within these pages may guide you to let go of your fear and your old beliefs about yourself.

Hollie Belle

It is a glimpse into my journey and how my thoughts have created every single experience in my life. I have written my story for you, so that you may understand the moments you have set up in your life.

Hollie Belle

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your past is a gift