Introduction 1

This book was written through the eyes of a child. My inner child. In the hope that somewhere within these pages, something may resonate with you and help you find your inner child. So that you can give this young individual all the love and care they need.

It is a glimpse into my journey and how my thoughts have created every single experience in my life. I have written my story for you, so that you may understand the moments that you have set up in your life and help you create the life of your dreams. Deliberately and intentionally from now on.

I used to have a recurring dream that I could fly like Peter Pan. It was so vivid. I could feel the breeze on my face. I felt so free. It was wonderful. At some point in my dream, I forget how to fly, and this fills my soul with such sorrow. While we were all born with the power to fly, most of us get lost along the way and forget how to. I’m sure at times you can feel your inner spirit flapping its wings. It is begging you to set it free and let it soar.

My life has been so simple, and yet it is the perfect example of how our thoughts create our reality and how we can spend a whole lifetime missing the point of our existence. How one single event can change how you view the world for most of your life and more importantly how you see yourself.

Throughout the book, you will find what I was thinking at the time and often I will make a comment in italics of my thoughts regarding this moment in my life today.

I invite you to use this book as your journal and take this journey with me. At the end of each chapter, there will be an invitation for you to look at your life so that you can start finding the gift in every moment. Life is giving you each moment as an opportunity that you may know who you are. Consequently, everything that comes to you is what you need. Start peeling all the layers of wrapping paper off today and discover what’s inside each gift.

I believe with all my heart that until we can make peace with our past and understand the blessing in every moment, we cannot move forward. At each point, we have made interpretations about others, about the world, about ourselves. As children, we take in what adults tell us as true. To be awake to who you truly are is to understand that it was always their truth. What they believed about themselves and the world around them.

Understand that an adult who has a heart full of love, cannot harm another human being or living thing. Therefore, if an adult hurt you, physically or emotionally, it was just an expression of the pain they were carrying within them. The pain of feeling unwanted, unloved, unworthy and not good enough. Their anger towards you was never about you and for some adults what they do is all they have ever known. It is up to each one of us to choose whether the cycle of abuse continues.

You are here reading this book because it is your time to be happy. It is your time to make peace with your past. Find the blessings in each and every moment you have experienced. Free yourself from every interpretation you have created that does not serve you. It is your time to release every thought that makes you feel bad about yourself and begin embracing the truth. The truth that you are love. You were born to love and give love and be love. You are pure love.

May you know at all times that you are loved and have always been loved. That your light is far more beautiful than the simple exterior, you are looking at with your own eyes. May you always know that you are not separate. You are not disconnected. You have never been alone.

It seems like, the times I had felt the loneliest in my life have been when the most people surrounded me. I felt alone due to my view of the world because most of my life had been spent choosing to believe that I was separate. First and foremost, I am separate from God, my creator. Therefore, I am separate from everything else. Something inside of me was telling me that this was not true.

Life becomes an entirely different dance when you know you are not separate. Understanding how connected you truly are to everyone and everything. Finding the gift of every moment that you have lived is the only way you will find peace in your mind.

I’ve made every effort to include the bare minimum of the people that affected my life. Excluding their details is to protect their privacy because this is not their story. The book you are about to read is my story and as you follow along you will understand how to write your own story with my book.

The thoughts and ideas I am sharing with you are collective consciousness. They are not my own. They are inside all of us. The idea that we are not alone has always been in the back of your mind. Energy connects all of us. Everything you say and everything you do affects others. Similarly, you are influenced by everyone that you come in contact with every day.

Whether you choose to accept them and believe these are true is entirely up to you. What you believe has always been up to you. All that is genuine and real is inside of you. You just need to know it. However, hearing the words and knowing them are two different things. Experience is what takes the words and turns them into knowingness.

Take this journey with me today. Don’t put it off for one more second. Fall in love with your life and with who you are. In the beginning, it will feel like hard work, because we are not in the habit of working on ourselves. All of our focus has always been on others. It is time to make it a habit. As a result, you will be in love with the process of learning more and more about yourself.

Otherwise, you will stay on the same path you are already on. Feeling that there is something else out there but not being able to tap into it. Change means doing something different. For this reason, it is imperative that you take the first step. Do the exercises marked out for you in this book. Read over the chapters as many times as you need to. Each time you do, something new will pop up for you revealing something new about who you are.

May this book guide you to your inner peace. May it guide you to your joy and your bliss. Follow each chapter carefully. Look at your own life. Look at what you have created up to this point in your life. I believe that we choose our parents and the environment we come into as it is of the most benefit to our growth. Whether we decide to let our beginnings define us for the rest of our lives is entirely up to us.